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Iain Banks (28 books, £203.55, 10,835 pages)

Copyright Format Type Publisher ISBN Pages Price Rating
The Wasp Factory
1984 Paper Book Futura 0708837611 184 3.50 Excellent
Yes its all very good, but its not the only Banks book.
Walking on Glass
1985 Paper Book Abacus 0349101787 239 6.99 Excellent
Bizare but very good
The Bridge
1986 Paper Book Pan 033030075X 286 2.95 Good
Bizare and not as good
Consider Phlebas
1987 Paper Book Orbit 0708837077 471 4.99 Excellent
The CultureI: Wow, very new wave chaos SciFi
Espedair Street
1987 Paper Book Abacus 0349102147 249 5.99 Excellent
An excellent feelgood book
The Player of Games
1988 Paper Book Orbit 0708883095 309 4.99 Excellent
The Culture II: Somehow not as new wave, a bit more routine than I.
Canal Dreams
1989 Paper Book Abacus 034910171X 198 5.99 OK
Wake up
Use of Weapons
1990 Paper Book Orbit 0708883508 368 7.99 Excellent
Culture III: A most macarbe horror SciFi book
The State of the Art
1991 Paper Short Stories Orbit 1857230302 216 5.99 Good
The Crow Road
1992 Paper Book Abacus 0349103232 501 6.99 Excellent
Funny, real and down to earth.
Against a Dark Background
1993 Paper Book Orbit 1857231856 487 8.99 Good
I still like this strand, but not much new actually happens
1993 Paper Book Abacus 0349105715 313 6.99 Excellent
One of his most thought provoking contemporary works
Feersum Endjinn
1994 Paper Book Orbit 1857232739 279 5.99 Excellent
Another bizzare one, and pretty good as well. Phonetic wording means it can be difficult to read
1995 Paper Book Little Brown 0316914363 455 15.99 Good
The seduction in the attic scene is very funny
1996 Paper Book Orbit 185723457X 455 6.99 Excellent
More grand scale Culture, this still works pretty well.
A Song of Stone
1997 Paper Book Abacus 0316640166 280 16.99 Good
Its somehow not quite bizzare or real enough to work
1998 Paper Book Orbit 1857237633 404 6.99 OK
Small scale SciFi seems to be a problem though. All the parts are very nice but it doesn't really add up.
The Business
1999 Paper Book Abacus 0349112452 393 6.99 Good
Lare scale contemporary,t lively and fun. I liked this.
Look to Windward
2000 Paper Book Orbit 1841490598 403 7.99 Good
Dead Air
2002 Paper Book Abacus 0349116644 436 7.99 Good
Lots of good parts, that don't quite fit.
The Algebraist
2004 Paper Book Orbit 1841492299 534 7.99 Excellent
Its probably a bit too long but all in all great grand scale cultureish
The Steep Approach to Garbadale
2007 Paper Book Abacus 9780349119281 390 7.99 Excellent
It is pretty obvious where we are going with this from the word go but its an enjoyable trip
2008 Paper Book Orbit 9781841494197 593 7.99 Excellent
Ok the book is far too long and does take a long time to get into its stride but I liked it
2009 Paper Book Abacus 9780349119274 469 7.99 Excellent
Faster paced, more focused that the last few books,
Surface Detail
2010 ePub Book Little Brown 9780748117338 641 9.99 Excellent
I still like Banks Sci Fi, and I thought this was better than some of the rescent ones
2012 ePub Book Little Brown 9780748116539 369 4.49 Excellent
A much better balanced book - but I am bias as I really like Banks
The Hydrogen Sonata: A Culture Novel
2012 ePub Book Orbit 9780356501499 528 4.49 Excellent
The Quarry
2013 ePub Book Little Brown 9780349138596 385 4.35 Excellent
Goodbye - I am going to miss your books