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Mike Shevdon (4 books, £18.05, 1,828 pages)

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Sixty One Nails
2010 ePub Book Angry Robot 420 3.49 Excellent
Excellent publisher and an excellent book, I bought it direct from the publisher before it in Amazon. I cannot believe how much fact there is in this book that I didn't know about
The Road to Bedlem
2010 ePub Book Angry Robot 9780875660626 528 3.58 Excellent
Another sequel thats as good as the original
Strangeness and Charm
2012 ePub Book Angry Robot 9780857662255 480 5.49 Excellent
Still pretty good but starting to get a bit laboured
The Eight Court
2013 ePub Book Angry Robot 9780857662286 400 5.49 Excellent
A return to form