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Neil Gaiman (13 books, £97.53, 3,946 pages)

Copyright Format Type Publisher ISBN Pages Price Rating
Don't Panic
1987 Paper Fact Titan 1852864117 225 4.99 Good
The story of HHGG
The Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes
1991 Paper Graphic Novel DC Comics 1563890119 14.95 Not Read
1996 Paper Book BBC 0140266518 326 5.99 Excellent
Don't be put of by the TV series the book is much better
1999 Paper Book Headline 0747263698 280 5.99 Excellent
A sort of farie tale - with attitude
Smoke and Mirrors
1999 Paper Short Stories Headline 074726368X 431 6.99 Good
A little bit uneven but when its good its very good, including a great story hidden in the introduction
American Gods
2001 Paper Book Headline 0747263744 632 6.99 Excellent
Sort of an American Neverwhere with Gods. Got a bit bogged down in the middle but a truly weird and great book
Anansi Boys
2005 Paper Book Headline 0755305094 457 7.99 Excellent
Well I thought American Gods was good but this is better, interesting predictable and yet not
Fragile Things
2006 Paper Short Stories Headline 0755334148 433 7.99 Not Read
2008 Paper Graphic Novel Bloomsbury 9780747594062 186 9.99 Not Read
The Graveyard Book
2008 Paper Book Bloomsbury 9780747596837 312 14.99 Excellent
present from Jenny, I do love his writing, very much an adult/child crossover book
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
2013 ePub Book Headline 9781472200341 246 5.69 Excellent
Lovely and creepy in equal measure
How the Marquis Got His Coat Back
2014 ePub Short Stories Headline 9781472236036 64 0.99 Good
Its good but it would be better if it wasn't a short
Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances
2015 ePub Short Stories Headline 9781472217707 354 3.99 OK
Very patchy - some good stories, for instance the Sherlock Holmes, but too many that were a bit meh