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Mary Robinette Kowal (4 books, £19.25, 1,395 pages)

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The Lady Astronaut of Mars
2014 ePub Short Stories TOR 32 1.28 Excellent
The short story that started it all. Quite sad really.
The Calculating Stars
2019 ePub Book Solaris 9781786182166 433 5.99 Excellent
The Lady Astronaut 1. Very clever story with great characters. Present from Andrew
The Fated Sky
2019 ePub Book Solaris 9781786182173 384 5.99 Excellent
The Lady Astronaut 2.
The Relentless Moon
2020 ePub Book Solaris 9781786183422 546 5.99 Excellent
The Lady Astronaut 3. Clever idea to have this book set at the same timeline as book 2 but from a different perspective.